About Esprix impressions

Esprix Impressions, was formed in 2018, but the history of the company goes back to the early 80's…

Esprix Technologies is a specialty chemical company that supplies advanced chemistries such as engineering polymers, metal surface treatments, inkjet substrate coatings, screen-printing agents, toner raw materials, and high purity electronic cleaning agents to name a few. 

The print division of Esprix Technologies was established over three decades ago to supply toner manufacturers in North America with a variety of performance additives such as charge control agents and microparticles for their toner formulation needs. As this business grew, it became clear customers were looking for more than just raw materials, they needed technical help.

In 2004, Esprix Technologies’ expanded its facilities and installed a toner laboratory. With this laboratory, Esprix could be much more than just a seller of additives, but rather a reliable partner with its customers. Esprix Technologies was now in a position to really help its customers interested qualifying or requalifying a new ingredient on pilot scale equipment; this proved to be a valuable time and money saver for our customers.

From providing quality control services, to assisting in the formulation of new specialty toners, to augmenting the slimmed down technical teams of its customers during the recession, Esprix accumulated the skills and resources needed to further help their customers and develop new patented products.

In 2018, Esprix’s print division was spun off to become its own company, Esprix Impressions™.