Frequently Asked Questions

Artesprix Permanent Heat Transfer Markers



How long do they last?

Each color behaves a tiny bit differently, but the average distance of continuous ink laydown before drying out is 400 meters/1,312 feet. That’s 4 football fields.

What is the transfer time?

It is going to vary depending on the product. See the diagram below for some standard time & temperature suggestions.

What kind of materials can I transfer onto?

For fabric materials, check the label. Make sure it is polyester.  Some polyester/cotton blends will work, but 100% polyester is best.

If you are interested in other materials such as mugs, picture frames, or phone cases, purchase polyester coated materials that are designated for sublimation.

Why does the color look different on the page than on the marker end cap?

The magic is in the marker!  Although the colors will appear duller on your paper, once you apply heat the colors will come to vibrant life on your substrate.

Can you use the transfer more than once?

Yes! The initial transfer will be bold, and each subsequent transfer will be lighter. You can adjust your time and pressure to get 2-3 transfers out of each drawing.

What type of paper do I use?

Plain copy paper is all you need for these! No special paper, just the markers and heat. Use a coloring book, just remember the black lines from the book aren’t going to transfer.  Note: If you try to use transfer paper, your marker tips may dry up faster than anticipated due to the chemicals in the transfer paper.

Can you draw directly onto the item?

Fabric: it’s not recommended but you can, the image will bleed and not be as crisp or bold. Also, the residual ink will potentially bleed onto other fabrics when washed.

Ceramics: as these are water based, we don’t recommend writing directly onto ceramics.

How do I write in reverse?

Because this is transferred face down, on most items, you need to write in reverse. We understand this is difficult to do for most of us, so use a pencil or a sharpie to write on the back side of your paper, then flip the paper and trace your letters with the Artesprix markers.  You can also use stencils with the markers for lettering or print your coloring sheet mirrored. 


Cricut Heat Press Instructions

Use Press Mat Under Item


Temperature: 360°


Place your material on the Cricut mat, secure your drawing face down with

back of paper against the Cricut EasyPress


Sit the Cricut EasyPress on for the allotted time. No additional pressure necessary.


Mouse Pad, Coaster (Fabric w/ Rubber Backing)

150 Sec


Thin Metal (Photo, Bracelet, etc)

120 Sec


Koozie (Fabric w/ Foam Backing)

120 Sec


Wood (Coated for Sublimation)

180 Sec


T Shirt (Thin Weight)

90 Sec


Jersey (Medium/Heavy Weight)

180 Sec


Thick Plastic (Tags, Plaques)

180 Sec