Esprix Impressions is an industry-leading provider of quality sublimation toners. While sublimation technology is not new, using dry sublimable toner in a laser printer is an innovative approach to solving the decade-old problems experienced with inkjet printers. No longer do you have to worry about clogged ink heads, ink head misalignments, wasted ink, expensive transfer paper papers, and print archivability.

Specially blended and bound in a polymer to create a free-flowing dry powder, sublimation toners from Esprix Impressions allow you to idle your printer for a  week, a month, or even a year and make the same print with the same initial quality. The same dry powder technology enables users to print on plain paper in a quick and efficient laser printer process!  You're no longer forced to buy various high cost transfer papers for a variety of substrates. Now you can use standard office copy paper for all your sublimation work.

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