Performance Additives

Toner formulations are complex. Even the smallest components affect print quality.

If you’re concerned about the charge characteristics and flow properties of your toner, then see how Esprix Impressions’ raw materials can enhance your toner.

Charge Control Agents

Charge control agents help stabilize your toner by achieving the desired charge distribution. This stabilization will improve transfer efficiency and ultimately improve your toner yield and print quality.

Esprix Impressions has taken Charge Control Agents to the next level through development of a patented Tribo-X technology that can modify charge control agents to meet your specialized charging needs. Whether you need positive or negative CCAs, Esprix Impression Tribo-X CCAs are tailored to your specific formulation charge needs.

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Esprix Impressions' microparticles can provide a number of benefits such as improved flow characteristics, charge stability, and drum cleaning. Additionally, they are used as carrier coatings to improve toner release at the fuser roll. These hydrophilic PMMA particles are not influenced by humidity and are extremely stable in the print environment.

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