Color Analysis

Color may seem obvious and easy to describe for some, but in reality it is a very complex issue.

The average human eye sees millions of colors. How colors are perceived depends on the observer, the object, and the light source. So how does one communicate color in an accurate, meaningful way? By measuring values that everyone in the trade will understand. Lightness, Chroma, Hue, L*a*b, and ΔE are all universal values individuals can understand and communicate, regardless of where they are in the world.

Esprix Impressions has the tools and scientists that can determine these values and assist you in the projects where color control is an essential priority. Whether it is basic color matching or creating a custom printer profile with a wide gamut, you will find the help you need at Esprix Impressions.

Color Analysis Tools

X-rite eXact Spectrophotometer

This powerful handheld spectrophotometer is the industry standard for accurately measuring density and color properties. It is the only instrument on the market that can capture M0, M2 and M3 measurements in a single pass, and measure true M1 Part 1 as specified in ISO 13655.

X-rite i1 Publish Pro 2

The i1Publish Pro 2 is the new standard of perfection for imaging pros looking for the ultimate, professional-level ICC-profiling solution to organize and manage their complete RGB, CMYK and CMYK+ (CMYK plus any 4) color workflows, complete with quality assurance and control validation and verification functions.


The PIAS-II (Personal Image Analysis System) is a high-performance digital microscope with high-res and low-res lens interchangeability that is built on international print quality standards for objective image quality analysis. The device measures L*a*b values, resolution, background values, print quality, color purity, etc.

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